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Dinner Date 101: HB Steak & Wine Pairings

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Full Disclaimer from us at Hi Bräu: We're not experts or anything, but we know our beef and we've wined n' dined a time or two. We called in an actual expert to help us out; Chef John Worthington filled us in on how to best prepare each of our classic steaks, and what to pair with them, too. We're here to make sure you have the perfect date night and earn a few extra browny points with the S.O. (you're welcome).

We all know the rules. Speaking generally, red meat = red wine. To be more specific, the rule of thumb is to pair the leaner cuts with lighter reds and the fattier cuts with more full bodied, high tannin wines. That's the SparkNotes version, at least.

Each steak has preparation, side, and wine suggestions, along with a wine pairing available at Figaro Market in downtown Newberry, SC. We'd love for you to give these a try yourselves!

1. Filet

Hailing from a little used muscle along the spine, this fine grained cut will have you leaving your steak knife in the drawer. It's the tenderest cut of the cow and can be delicate or hearty, depending on what you're feeling. In this case, Chef John says you can't go wrong with either a pan sear or grill. For a lighter option, pair with asparagus. For those who want something a little heavier, mushroom risotto is always a hands-down winner.

Pairs well with a Pinot Noir. Great at complimenting a Filet's subtle flavor without stepping on it's toes. We recommend grabbing a bottle of Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir from Figaro Market.

2. New York Strip

Whether you call it a New York Strip, Kansas City Strip, or simply Strip Steak, it's one heck of a cut. While the Strip is one solid, tender muscle with leaner marbling, we leave the fat cap on to enhance flavor and help prevent drying out. A versatile cut through and through, it pan sears and grills beautifully. For a side, try a roasted veggie like Brussels sprouts.

Pairs well with a Malbec. We recommend trying the Kaiken Estate Malbec from Figaro Market, a super popular choice amongst their regulars.

3. Bone-In Ribeye

Is it the King of Steaks? We'll let you decide. You can't go wrong with this combination of robust flavor and tenderness. We leave the bone in for added flavor, plus it looks cool. Chef John says a ribeye is the perfect opportunity to try a reverse sear, a process that involves baking in the oven followed by searing on a pan. Since a ribeye is as American and hearty as it gets, pair it with a refined classic like roasted red potatoes.

Pairs well with a Cabernet Sauvignon. We recommend giving the Beringer Bros. Cabernet Sauvignon from Figaro Market a try. It's bourbon barrel-aged

4. T-Bone

A best of both worlds cut...on one side, the most tender cut on a cow, the filet. On the other side of that flavorful bone, the NY Strip. Combine them, and you get this hearty cut. A true classic and just about as cowboy as it gets, the T-Bone is a perfect candidate for the grill to keep this cook nice and even. It pairs well with the known and loved baked potato.

Pairs well with a Merlot. We recommend grabbing a bottle of Alexander Valley Vineyards Merlot from Figaro Market.

5. Sirloin

Beefy. Flavorful. Dense. All words that describe a sirloin steak. Falling somewhere around average in tenderness, this is one of the most versatile pieces of steak out there. Best pan seared to create a delicious crust, according to Chef John. To change up the regular "steak and side" set up, Chef John recommends placing a sirloin atop a super robust salad.

Pairs well with a Syrah or red blend. We recommend uncorking a bottle of Daou Pessimist Red Blend from Figaro Market, a unique personal favorite of the Market staff themselves.

Each of our cuts we suggest a medium-rare to medium cook, but we know that doesn't tickle everyone's fancy. Chef John says that if you're a medium-well kind of person, cook until medium-rare to medium and then place it in the oven. That way, you're getting a higher temperature while retaining most of that juicy goodness from the meat.

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If you don't feel like cooking for Valentine's Day, that's okay, too. We've got you covered. Chef John will be featuring Hi Bräu Beef in his Valentine's Day dinner menu at Figaro the Dining Room in Newberry, SC. You won't want to miss the Beef Crostini appetizer, made with HB Picanha Steak, Chimichurri, Sweet Jalapenos, and HB Bone Marrow Aioli. Check out their full menu here.

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