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Hi Brau isn’t just a business name, it’s what we strive for with our beef. We encourage experimentation and trying new things to find your own crafted experience. In fact, that’s why we do what we do. 


People try different beers, whiskeys, oysters, cheeses, olive oils, and wines. They use terms like varietals, tasting notes, and terroir. And yet, they think all beef is the same. They think that any cut they grab at the grocery store will taste the same…and it will. Hi Brau Beef was founded to shift the paradigm on beef. There’s a world of flavor out there to explore, and we’re ready to show the world that not all beef tastes the same. 


A three-year-old Wagyu steer finished on ryegrass, clover, and canola? Sure. A two-year-old Angus finished on a rolled barley feed in a fescue pasture? Why not? A three and one-half-year-old, aged on the hoof, Angus, Holstein, and Hereford mix that has eaten fescue and white clover? Yep, we can do that, too. 


We rely on a few breeds and finishing techniques as the bedrock of our beef offerings. These are ours “always on tap” varieties. Sometimes though, we get a little wild with it. These are our crafted “Special Releases” offered to our loyal customers first or added to our Beef Flights, as we’ll have very small quantities. 


Join us for a journey. Invite some friends and explain that you’ve found a whole new world of beef. Pair a craft beer with your Flat Iron. Take some tasting notes. Or feel confident that when you cook our fajita strips for a quick weeknight meal, you’re feeding your family something good. Whatever your choice, Hi Brau Beef is here to change how you appreciate beef.

Where's The 


There are a lot of confusing terms used in the beef industry. Here’s some clarity on why our beef is better:

  • NO antibiotics, hormones, growth promoters, or anything else you don’t want in your beef. You can eat our beef with confidence that it’s as good for you. 

  • Pasture-Raised - Our cows spend 100% of their lives on grass pastures with oaks, poplars, and magnolias. Cows aren’t too big on beaches, so this is the life for them.

  • Grassfed - Our grass-fed beef only eats two things their entire lives: grass, either fresh or in the form of hay, and a mineral supplement, which is like a multivitamin, but for cows. Nothing else. Whatever you’re about to ask, the answer is no. It’s just grass. 

  • Grain Finished - When you opt for our grain-finished beef, there’s a third thing our cows eat - grains.  We use a locally-mixed feed that makes up a small portion of our cow's diet, and they continue to live their lives on pasture with all the grass they can eat. Commercial feedlots feed their cows nothing but a steamed, flaked corn diet. It’s like feeding yourself nothing except ice cream...just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The approach we use is a little bit of ice cream after a big salad. 

  • Breeds - We don’t play the game of “our breed is the best breed.” There are many great breeds, and we want to try them all. Whether it’s Japanese Wagyu, Scottish Angus, or American South Poll, you’ll know what breed you’re eating and the breed that tickles your taste buds. 

  • 14-Day Dry-Aged - We dry-age every cut of beef we harvest. It improves the flavor, texture, and tenderness. Don’t try this at home, though. The environment must be carefully controlled, so your beef doesn’t go from gorgeous to gross. 

  • USDA Inspected - Uncle Sam inspects every cow we process and the inspection seal is on every package of beef we sell. 

That stays in the pasture. We keep detailed records on each cow so you can know all of the info about what you’re eating. Want more? Just drop us an email at and we’ll tell you anything you want to know. You can also search your favorite social media site for @hibraubeef to see how we do what we do. 

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