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The Breed Behind the Beef

Where most farms tell you that "our breed is the best breed", we know that there are unique characteristics for each breed that appeal to different people. Our farm is unique in that we don't just pick one breed, we welcome all of them! We love to experiment with different breed combinations and offer the results to our fellow beef connoisseurs. Below are some of the breeds we currently offer, though we're always coming up with a new Brau. 

What's On Tap

Just like at your favorite brewery, our "On Tap" varieties are breeds you
can purchase anytime, all year round. The ANG Grain and SP Grass breeds are staples of our brand and are always delicious.

ANG Grain

Though Angus is one of the most common breeds you'll find, this isn't your typical grocery store Angus beef.

image000000 4.JPG
image000000 3.JPG

SP Grass

You'll never find South Poll in a store, but once you try Hi Brau Beef Co. South Poll, you won't care to buy beef anywhere else. 

special Release

For a more unique experience, we've curated our "Special Release" breeds, limited quantity breeds that embody our love of experimentation

Grass-Finished American Wagyu: SR #2

Our Grass-Finished American Wagyu is a unique breed combination that is as ambitious as it is delicious. Try it for yourself!

40 Month Live Aged Angus: SR #1

Proof that great things take time, this 40-Month Live Aged Angus is a testament to experimentation.

image000000 2.JPG

SR #3: Grain-Finished American Wagyu

Our Grain-Finished American Wagyu is an experience all it's own. If you're looking for luxury, you may have just found it, because this one is rich.



Grass vs. Grain

The Grass vs. Grain argument has been going on for... well, a while. The question on everyone's mind is, which is better? 

That's for you to decide. Check out our blog that lays out all the differences in taste, benefits, and more so that you can draw your own conclusion. Our suggestion: try both. 

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