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The Breed Behind the Beef

Where most farms tell you that "our breed is the best breed", we know that there are unique characteristics for each breed that appeal to different people. Our farm is unique in that we don't just pick one breed, we welcome all of them! We love to experiment with different breed combinations and offer the results to our fellow beef connoisseurs. Below are some of the breeds we currently offer, though we're always coming up with a new Brau. 

What's On Tap

Just like at your favorite brewery, our "On Tap" varieties are breeds you
can purchase anytime, all year round. The ANG Grain and SP Grass breeds are staples of our brand
and are always delicious.

For a more unique crafted experience, check out our current Special Release,
a limited quantity breed that embodies our love of experimentation.

ANG Grain

 At Hi Bräu, one of our goals is to select cattle that thrive in our local environment. Angus cattle have been selected by generations of farmers to grow efficiently in the Southeast. They have also been selected to "finish" best on a grain supplemented diet. We have been raising Angus cattle for three generations on our family farm, and over that time we've selected animals that fit here perfectly: they grow on our local grasses, they enjoy our temperatures, and they're resistant to regional challenges like pests and disease. Since Angus finish so well on grain, we have chosen this breed for our "On Tap" grain finished variety. We supplement a portion of their diet with a locally made feed mix that helps lend a buttery, smooth taste to the beef. They still have constant access to grass pastures, which is why it's sometimes referred to as "grain on grass." This isn't your typical grocery store Angus beef.


What is Angus? It's the most common breed in America, and for good reason. Hailing from Scotland and first arriving in America in 1873, Angus is quick to finish and is prone to higher amounts of marbling than almost any other breed. It does well in many climates and is typically a more docile animal. The marbling that Angus is known for provides consistently tender and flavorful meat. It's a great choice for those that want an all-around good beef that doesn't push the limits of the craft.

Hi Brau Beef Co Crafted Beef Boxes South Carolina Farms (20 of 23).jpg

SP Grass

You've never had beef from India, Africa, or the Caribbean? South Poll can solve that for you with one delicious bite. A rare composite breed that was first bred in Alabama, South Poll has the ability to fatten on grass alone. Because it's smaller and extremely efficient without the use of grain feeds, South Poll is a top choice for those that want the most sustainable beef you can find. Most of our South Poll influenced cattle are finished on grass.


South Polls are known for their ecological benefits, but that doesn't mean they lose in the flavor department. They'll hold their own or exceed more commonly known breeds in marbling and tenderness while taking top marks for flavor. Because South Polls are able to fatten (and gain incredible flavor) on grass alone, we have chosen this breed for our "On Tap" grass finished variety. You'll never find South Poll in a store, but once you try Hi Brau Beef Co. South Poll, you won't care to buy beef anywhere else. 

Hi Brau Beef Co Crafted Beef Boxes South Carolina Farms (14 of 23).jpg

Grass vs. Grain

Let's start with the simple, honest truth that only the Beef Craft Wizards at Hi Brau are willing to tell you...they're both great. In a nutshell: Grass-finished cattle have a more robust flavor, a complex texture, slightly better health benefits for you, and are a more sustainable way to turn sunlight into protein. Those reasons are why most of our cattle are grass-finished. Grain-finished cattle have the advantages of better marbling, and tenderness, and have a consistently smooth, savory flavor that won't overpower everything else. There's no right answer, only delicious beef. 


We're proud to offer a variety of grasses, forbs, and legumes for our grass-finished cattle and locally sourced feed to supplement a primary grass diet on our grain-finished animals. We never feed a pure grain diet for the health of our animals, and we always allow our cattle to have round-the-clock access to pasture, whether they have grain or not. 


Can't decide which is better? Neither can we. That's why our beef flights often have some of both. 


Since the farmers at Hi Brau Beef Co. can't come to a consensus on which is better, we'll continue to grow and eat both. Ya know, for science. 

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