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Well marbled, tender, and full of flavor, this is one of the best possible choices for smoking. Once relegated to the ground beef pile, legend has it that a one armed butcher in Santa Maria, CA, started slow roasting these in the '50's. Because of that, it's also sometimes called the Santa Maria Steak. The popularity has been slowly increasing ever since, and they've made their way all the way to South Carolina, where we like to think Hi Brau has elevated it just a bit. 


These particular South Poll steers finished wonderfully on our Spring grass, and the beef turned out to be exceptional. Expect an estimated High Choice and Low Prime marbling level (based on Ribeye grading), which is virtually unheard of on 100% grass fed and finished animals, along with a tender bite and robust flavor. It has a beautiful, yellow tinted fat due to the high levels of beta carotene.


The Tri-tip, which gets its name from the triangular shape of the cut, can be left whole as a roast or cut into delicious steaks. Since we have a great selection of both common and rare steaks already, we usually leave this as a whole roast for our slow cooking friends. Smoked, roasted, or even grilled, it's hard to go wrong with this cut. In fact, we really only know of one major problem with it - there are only two in a cow. Because of the rarity, don't be surprised to find this cut out of stock. 


Each Tri-tip Roast is dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, individually packaged, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness. 

Tri-Tip Roast - SP Grass


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