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For info on some of the breeds we offer, Click here!


20 lbs of beef (80 meals)*

Hamburger Helper? Taco Night? Stir Fry? Spaghetti? We get it. Sometimes you need something you can throw together and get on the table quickly. Here are the right-sized portions of quick and easy cuts when you still want a healthy, high protein meal. Thaw, heat, serve, satisfy.


Box Includes:

8 lbs. of Ground Beef

3 x Ground Beef Patty Packs

3 x Fajita Strip Packs

3 x Quick Cook Beef Cube Packs

3 x Stew Beef Packs


Ground Beef, Fajita Meat, Beef Cubes, Stew Beef, and Kabobs come in convenient one pound packs. All meat is dry aged for two weeks, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen to preserve freshness. There is no breed selection with this box. 

The Weeknight Hero - On Tap Variety

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  • *Portions are calculated based on a 4 oz. serving size, but the actual cuts are various weights. All quantities are based on minimum weights. Your order will be more than the listed minimum weight of each package. 

  • Where most farms tell you that "our breed is the best breed", we know that there are unique characteristics for each breed that appeal to different people. Our farm is unique in that we don't just pick one breed; we welcome all of them! We love to experiment with different breed combinations and offer the results to our fellow beef connoisseurs. For more info on some of the breeds we currently offer, Click here! 

For info on some of the breeds we offer,

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