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Hugely popular in Brazil, and for good reason. Chock full of flavor, combined with a lower price point, makes this one of our go to steaks at Hi Brau. Good luck finding it at your local grocery store.


This is our Grain Finished American Wagyu variety, the latest of which has outstanding marbling. We visually estimate it to rank as a BMS 9 on the Japanese marbling scale (based on Ribeyes), which is beyond what the USDA scale even measures. This is far beyond the Prime marbling that you will find at even the most premium steakhouses, where you would be paying upwards of $120 for a comparable Ribeye steak. Less than 1% of the beef raised in the US has this level of marbling. 


One of the unique things about this cut is that the fat cap if left on, which helps prevent drying out and adds a shot of flavor. It's usually a large fat cap too, and makes for an impressive presentation.


An advantage of buying from a company like Hi Brau that relishes in trying something different, is that you come across some cool info and unusual cuts. So here you go: though rare in America, the Picanha is a Brazilian go to. It's traditionally cooked for about 15-20 minutes over a churrasqueira on a large skewer. We doubt you have one of those grills, but putting these on a large kabob to feed a party or seared in the pan on the grill will work just as well. It takes well to smoking, too.


Each Picanha is dry aged for a minumum of two weeks. Our American Wagyu Picanha is sliced 1" thick to match the Japanese style of thinner steaks and shorter cook times. They are packaged one per pack, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness.  

Picanha Steak - American Wagyu (Grain)


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