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Teres Major, Poor Man's Filet, and Petite Tender are other common names for this very uncommon cut. It contains moderate, even marbling and is very tender. In fact, it's the closest thing on the animal to the actual filet, except at a much cheaper price. We usually say that the Flat Iron is the second most tender cut, but this certainly gives it a run for its money. 


These particular South Poll steers finished wonderfully on our Spring grass, and the beef turned out to be exceptional. Expect an estimated High Choice and Low Prime marbling level (based on Ribeye grading), which is virtually unheard of on 100% grass fed and finished animals, along with a tender bite and robust flavor. It has a beautiful, yellow tinted fat due to the high levels of beta carotene.


This muscle hides deep within the shoulder of the cow and takes a skilled butcher to extract it. We sometimes cut these up as tender medallion steaks, but we also love them as whole cuts. You can cook the whole cut and slice up into delicious, fine grained steaks. There are only two of these per cow, so we usually don't have many of these in stock.


Each Petite Tender Filet is dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, individually packaged, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness. 

Petite Tender Filet - SP Grass


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