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Ready to soup up your spaghetti? Bone up your burgers? Promote your pizza? Magnify the flavor of your meatloaf? Fine, we'll stop.


This is our Grain Finished American Wagyu Ground Beef. Expect a creamier color due to the extra fat, which is loaded with health benefits. This extra unsaturated fat results in a very smooth texture with a tender bite. You'll understand exactly what we mean as soon as you take it out of the package. The extra fat results in a higher fat to lean ratio, which we estimate is close to 25/75.


Our Ground Beef is made with our premium beef, with limited added fat, always from the same animal. Higher Omega 3s and more vitamins and minerals are just the beginning.


You'll never have multiple animals' lean meat mixed with fat from other animals from a different country (if you buy grocery store meat, you've absolutely eaten this. Sorry!). Our Ground Beef is in the neighborhood of 85% lean to 15% fat, but it's never exact since the butcher makes the call on the best ratio to enhance flavor and texture based on each animal. There is one exception to our fat ratio, and that is our Wagyu Varieties. Because of the additional intramuscular fat in the breed, you can expect a fat ratio closer to 85/25. What we can tell you is that you won't be dumping off tons of fat from the bottom of the pan and you'll love the flavor.


All of our ground beef comes in one pound vacuum sealed cube packs which are flash frozen for optimal freshness.


It's time to step up from grocery store ground.

Pastured Ground Beef (1lb) - American Wagyu (Grain)


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