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.5-1.0 lb packs


If you've never had roasted Beef Marrow, you're missing quite a savory treat. We have our butcher slice these bones (usually leg bones) down the length of the bone to expose more surface area of the marrow. If you cleaned the marrow out, the remaining bone would look similar to a canoe. 


Roasted beef marrow is a a beefy, flavorful, rich delicacy and is becoming quite popular in the USA. It has a silky texture and many health benefits due to its vitamin, mineral, and collagen content. There's a reason many high end steakhouses serve this as an appetizer.


Though there are many ways to prepare it, our favorite is as a simple spread on a high quality bread with a drizzle of olive oil, vinegar, and parsley. We have been known to simply eat it with a spoon though. 


Our marrow bones are packaged one or two bones per pack, depending on size. The average weight per package is between three quarter pound and one and a half pounds. They are vacuum sealed and flash frozen for optimal freshness. 


Important Note: Because marrow bones are notoriously bad at piercing packaging (like most bone in cuts), these are usually not completely vacuum sealed. There will likely be some air and ice crystals in the packaging. This will not effect the eating quality. 

Marrow Bones - Canoe Cut - On Tap Variety


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