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Flanken Ribs have all of the meaty, well marbled, bold flavor of our Bone In Ribs, but sliced thin. Both of the meat and the bone are cut across the grain in roughly 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick slices. 


Bone In Ribs are one of the tougher cuts on the cow, which is why they're typically slow cooked. By cutting them thin, these Flanken Ribs are mechanically tenderized (cut with a knife), so you can use faster cooks without having to worry about a tough piece of meat. 


These are traditionally used in Korean dishes. In South Korea, these are often cooked over an open grill in restaurants by the customer themselves...using chopsticks. 


Whether you choose to use tongs or chopsticks, these lend themselves to plenty of dishes that can be prepared quickly while still getting that bold, rich Rib flavor.


 They are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, then packaged with multiple sections per pack, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness. 

Flanken Ribs (Korean Beef Ribs) -SP Grass

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