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A close cousin to the Skirt Steak, the Flank Steak is similar in size, but far leaner. It's an excellent choice for meals that require sliced steak, since the cutting enhances the tenderness of this piece. It's outstanding slow cooked as well. It has a strong, beefy flavor with coarse muscle fibers resulting in a dense bite. The flavor helps it stand up to strongly flavored dishes without being overpowered. Keep in mind that this is a larger cut, so break it out when it's time to impress a crowd or please the whole family. 


This is our Grain Finished American Wagyu variety, the latest of which has outstanding marbling. We visually estimate it to rank as a BMS 9 on the Japanese marbling scale (based on Ribeyes), which is beyond what the USDA scale even measures. This is far beyond the Prime marbling that you will find at even the most premium steakhouses, where you would be paying upwards of $120 for a comparable Ribeye steak. Less than 1% of the beef raised in the US has this level of marbling.


When you're looking for a flavorful cut that does well with a marinade, broiling, or grilling (our favorite is grilled with chimichurri), then slice it across the grain for a highly flavored meal without much fat. 


Our Flank Steaks are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, individually packaged, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness.

Flank Steak - American Wagyu (Grain)


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