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A great way to include your furry friends in your Hi Bräu Beef experience!


Beef bones are a source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium for bone health. They also contain collagen and bone marrow. They can stimulate dogs and help to clean teeth as well. 


We recommend that you check with your vet before giving your dogs any bones, and that you always supervise your pet. For more information on giving your dogs bones, check out these links:


Our Dog Bones are cut from any available bone in an effort to utilize as much of the animal as possible. They may include neck, leg, rib, or just about any other bone. Some bones are very large, and some are smaller. If you'd like to request a size, please put it in your order comments or drop us an email, and we'll do our best to accommodate. These are the same type of bones that we use for our soup bones, but they are less uniform and are not packaged for long term freezing. We've never had a dog turn down a bone for a bit of freezer burn.


These bones are raw and will have some (often a lot of) meat, fat, and collagen still attached. (Note: you should never feed your animals cooked bones, as they are more likely to splinter.) Bones are not vacuum sealed in plastic. They will be shipped frozen in a paper bag, ready to put in your freezer. They are available in three or ten pound packages, though we can't get the weight exact due to the nature of bones that aren't uniform in size.


We do not sort our bones by breed, and they may include Angus bones finished on grass and grain, South Poll bones finished on grass only, and even Wagyu bones.

Dog Bones, Raw

PriceFrom $7.20

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