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Approx. two pound packs


Beef Fat is great for cooking due to its high smoke point and flavor. Though many classic recipes call for it, it's difficult to find as it's usually discarded or mixed into ground beef by butchers. It is often used to render into tallow, or simply to keep near the stove for use in place of vegetable oils. 


Our fat has a beautiful yellowish color. It's different from beef you'll find in the grocery store. This comes from our cows pasture diet that enhances the level of beta carotenes in the fat.  The beta carotene imparts a yellowish tinge to the fat, which is a sure sign of a pasture raised animal.


Our Beef Fat Trimmings are packaged into approx. two pound packs, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness. They are typically cut into small cubes and chunks, and come from fat from around the muscles, subcutaneous fat (the fat beneath the hide), and fat from inside the body. They will often have small pieces of meat still attached. 

Beef Fat Trimmings - American Wagyu (Grain)


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