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Beef Cubed Steak has many uses...sandwiches, roll ups, sliced for soups and stews. It's quick and convenient. Here in the South though, we have one use that stands above all others: Country Fried Steak. 


You see, we're farmers before all else. Now you may not know this, but in many places around our great nation, farmers have meetings that blur the line between social and educational events. We attend these meetings. Where we're from, one thing is always served at these meetings, and that's fried steak with onion gravy. We've cooked it so many times that we consider ourselves experts on the subject. We're happy to say that Hi Brau Beef produces some of the finest Cubed Steak around. In fact, it's farmer approved. 


So what is Cubed Steak? It's basically any cut of meat that is run through a mechanical tenderizer to help break down muscle fibers. In our case, we prefer the Round of the cow. It's lean, uniform, and flavorful. While the Round usually requires a slow cook to help break down the muscle fibers, the tenderizer handles that job for you and allows the use of fast cooking methods while still getting a tender cut of beef. 


Our Beef Cubed Steak is about .75" thick and cut into sections that are perfect for a frying pan. It's dry aged for a minimum of two weeks before being vacuum sealed in approximately 0.75 - 1.0 pound packages and flash frozen for optimal freshness. 

Beef Cubed Steak - On Tap Variety (.75 - 1.0 lbs.)


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