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This Grain-Finished Angus came back from the butcher with such beautiful marbling, that it deserves its own category. Think steakhouse premium or high-choice cuts – but now, in your kitchen. 


A Tomahawk is a Ribeye, so you're still getting all of the great flavors and tenderness you expect. These are cut with the bone in...the entire bone. On a standard Ribeye, the rib bone is cut to thickness, usually 1.25" here at Hi Brau. On the Tomahawk, the steak is sliced the entire thickness of the bone. As you can imagine, the rib bone on a cow is not small, and neither is this.


Depending on the size of the rib, these steaks are 2 - 3 INCHES THICK. On top of that, the bone is left whole rather than cut short. This thickness makes the steaks quite large and impressive, so expect to be able to feed a crowd...often four or more people per steak.


All of our Tomahawk Ribeyes are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks and flash frozen to preserve freshness. These are individually packaged and lightly, not fully, vacuum sealed. This is because the long bone is notorious for puncturing tightly sealed packaging. As a result, these may have extra air and ice cystals inside of the packaging.

Tomahawk Ribeye Steak - Premium ANG Grain


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