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"Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!"


Ok, so it might not give you the ability to shoot lightning, but look at that thing!


There just aren't many places to find some of the unusual cuts of beef that you can find at Hi Brau. Grocery store? Na. Local butcher shop? Probably not. Hi Brau? Absolutely. That's one of the benefits of partaking in the Hi Brau experience. Different breeds, unusual cuts, unique finishes.


The Thor's Hammer (also called Volcano Cut Shank) comes from the top part of the leg of the cow. While this is one of the toughest cuts on the animal, it's full of flavor due to the high collagen content. This is not a good cut for the beginner, but for those with a little bit of experience, an extended time in the smoker or a long, slow braise yields a flavorful eating experience that can please a crowd and impress mere mortal bystanders.


This is our Grain Finished American Wagyu variety, the latest of which has outstanding marbling. We visually estimate it to rank as a BMS 9 on the Japanese marbling scale (based on Ribeyes), which is beyond what the USDA scale even measures. This is far beyond the Prime marbling that you will find at even the most premium steakhouses, where you would be paying upwards of $120 for a comparable Ribeye steak. Less than 1% of the beef raised in the US has this level of marbling.


Our "Thor's Hammer" Beef Shanks are individually packaged and weigh between 4.0 - 6.0 lbs. They are dry aged for two weeks and flash frozen to preserve freshness.


Important Note: While the big bone sticking out looks cool, it's also notorious for puncturing packaging. Though they are safely wrapped, we can't vacuum seal them all of the way. As a result, these will likely have air in the packaging and some ice crystals. We don't expect this to impact quality. 

"Thor's Hammer" Beef Shank (Whole) - American Wagyu (Grain)


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