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It's that time of year again! Hi Brau Beef is the perfect compliment to a hot summer day and a smoking grill. This box will keep everybody at your cookout happy with a little something for everyone. 


The Summer Grilling Box contains:

- 1 Ribeye Steak

- 1 NY Strip Steak

- 2 Butcher's Reserve Steaks

- 1 Lb of Beef Kabobs

- 4 Lbs of Ground Beef


All steaks are individually packaged. Beef Kabobs and Ground Beef come in one pound packs. All beef is dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, then hand butchered, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for maximum freshness. 


Please note that breed selection only applies to the Steaks and the Ground Beef. 

Summer Grilling Box - On Tap Variety


    For info on some of the breeds we offer,

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