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If the Ribeye is the King of Steaks, then this is the King of Roasts. 


A Standing Rib Roast is the same muscle that Ribeyes are sliced from, but is left whole to create a big, flavorful, delicious, well marbled, tender roast. Many people prepare this Roast in "Prime Rib" style**, meaning cooked slowly in its own juices and sliced thin. You could also cook the entire Roast and then slice it into Ribeye Steaks.


Our Standing Rib Roasts are bone in and contain either three or four rib bones, depending on weight. They are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks and are vacuum sealed before being flash frozen for optimal freshness. 


Please note: Because of the protruding bones, we do not have these fully vacuum sealed. Because of this, there will be some air and possibly some ice crystals inside the package. This should not affect the quality of the beef.


**Fun fact: Prime Rib is not a specific cut of meat. It is a cooking style for the muscles contained in a Standing Rib Roast, though the terms are often used interchangeably. It also does not have to be labeled USDA Prime to be called a Prime Rib.

Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib) - SP Grass


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