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A personal favorite here at Hi Brau for one reason: FLAVOR. Though Skirt Steaks are generally average in tenderness, they take top marks for a full bodied, beefy taste. 


Skirt Steaks are still not very common in butcher shops and grocery stores because there are only four in a cow. They are long and somewhat flat, and often packaged rolled up. We love to prepare these steaks for Tex Mex dishes such as fajitas or quesadillas since the flavor can stand up to other intense flavors. 


Skirt Steaks belong to the family of "Flat Steaks", steaks that are a single, flat muscle. They are all known for superior, outstanding flavor. The Skirt Steak generally has the most marbling and fat of the bunch. Because of those characteristics, it ranks among the very top for most flavorful cuts of beef. 


We suggest cooking this cut to no more than medium rare and slicing across the large muscle fibers to increase tenderness. 


We dry age our Skirt Steaks for a minimum of two weeks, then individually package, vacuum seal, and flash freeze them for optimal freshness. 

Skirt Steak - ANG Grain


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