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This Grain-Finished Angus came back from the butcher with such beautiful marbling, that it deserves its own category! Think steakhouse premium or High Prime cuts – but now, in your kitchen. 


We sell all kinds of cuts that are hard to find in a butcher shop and impossible to find in the grocery store, but this may be the rarest of them all. Here's why:


First, there are only two of these in a cow. But the bigger reason is that it takes a skilled butcher to extract these delicate cuts. This is not a steak that's cut in a mass production slaughterhouse in Brazil (you didn't know that your grocery store steak probably came from Brazil even though it's marked from USA? Yikes.) It simply takes more time and skill than it's worth for a place like that. Hi Brau Beef works with small butchers that have the time and skill to extract this rare cut, and we're happy to offer the unique experience to you. 


The Oyster Steak, also called the Spider Steak in Australia due it's web shaped marbling, is a small, tender, flavorful, well marbled cut. This steak is certainly not a crowd pleaser, because you won't feed much of a crowd, but if you're looking for an economical alternative to a filet steak or something that goes great with eggs for one or two people, the Oyster is hard to beat. 


The Oyster only takes a quick sear as it's a thin piece, and lends itself well to cast iron skillet cooking. It also thaws quickly due to its size and makes a great last minute, high quality, single serving meal. Plus any guest you serve this to will have certainly never tried it before. 


Our Oyster Steaks are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, individually packaged and vacuum sealed, then flash frozen to preserve optimal freshness. 

Oyster Steak - Premium ANG Grain


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