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This Grain-Finished Angus came back from the butcher with such beautiful marbling, that it deserves its own category. Think steakhouse premium or High Prime cuts – but now, in your kitchen. 


It wasn't long ago that this was a cut that truly earned the "Butcher's Reserve" name...a cut that was delicious, but only known to seasoned butchers. Instead of grinding it into ground beef or trying to explain what it was to customers, they would simply take it home. These days, it's much more popular, and for good reason. 


The Flat Iron is considered the second most tender cut on the cow, right behind the filet (tenderloin). It's larger size and extremely generous marbling, as well as lower price point, help it give the filet, and any other high end steak, a run for their money in quality. Plus, it has a cool name. 


Our Flat Irons are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, packaged one per pack, then flash frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. 

Flat Iron Steak - Premium ANG Grain


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