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That's right, Dino Ribs! Some even call them Brontosaurus Ribs!


Ok, so we don't actually raise dinosaurs on our family farm. We do, however, have our butcher cut these Rib Plates large and meaty in honor of their namesake. Most of our plates range from six to nine pounds and contain three or four ribs, though we do have some smaller options. These Ribs are in very limitied quantities, so don't wait.


These particular South Poll steers finished wonderfully on our Spring grass, and the beef turned out to be exceptional. Expect an estimated High Choice and Low Prime marbling level (based on Ribeye grading), which is virtually unheard of on 100% grass fed and finished animals, along with a tender bite and robust flavor. It has a beautiful, yellow tinted fat due to the high levels of beta carotene.


Beef Short Ribs are meaty, well marbled, chock full of flavor, and hard to stop eating. A long, low, slow cook renders the extra fat and connective tissue to provide a succulent feast with top notch flavor. This is probably our most requested cut from slow cooker aficianados. It's also a great cut for novices as it's much more forgiving than Brisket and Tri-tip. 


Our Dino Ribs are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, then packaged with one section per pack and flash frozen for optimal freshness.


Please note: Due to the nature of having large bones in Dino Ribs, these are typically packaged without a complete vacuum seal to help prevent puncturing the package. As a result, there may be air and a small amount of ice crystals inside the packaging. We do not expect this to impact the quality of the beef.

Dino Ribs - SP Grass


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