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For info on some of the breeds we offer, Click here!


This is probably the best deal we offer. By choosing a box, you're buying a high quality, healthy option at or below grocery store prices. Seriously, go check the price of natural, grass fed beef at your local grocery store!


This is just a regular box of ground beef, if regular ground beef was sourced from the best cows on the planet, living in a bovine Paradise, and dry-aged for two weeks. There's no shortage of options that you can elevate with the addition of our ground beef. Turn your burgers into a masterpiece and your tacos into works of art. 


Our Ground Beef is made with our premium beef, with limited added fat, always from the same animal. You'll never have multiple animals' lean meat mixed with fat from other animals from a different country (if you buy grocery store beef, you've absolutely eaten this. We're sorry).


Our Ground Beef is in the neighborhood of 85% lean to 15% fat, but it's never exact since the butcher makes the call on the best ratio to enhance flavor and texture based off of each animal. What we can tell you is that you won't be dumping off tons of fat from the bottom of the pan and you'll love the flavor. 


If you always buy your Ground with 20% or more fat, consider this: feedlot finished beef lacks flavor in the lean meat (muscle). Because of this, they have to add a large amount of fat to contribute flavor. Hi Brau cows spend their whole lives on pasture and are live aged for a minimum of 24 months before being harvested and then dry aged for a minimum of 2 weeks. All of this adds flavor to the lean and allows us to leave out the large amounts of fat just to get flavor. 


All of our ground beef comes in one pound, vacuum sealed packs or plastic chubs, which are flash frozen for optimal freshness. 


It's time to step up from grocery store ground. 

Ground Beef Box - 12 Lbs - SP Grass

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Ground Beef Box
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Ground Beef Box
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  • For more info on some of the breeds we currently offer, Click here! 

    Where most farms tell you that "our breed is the best breed", we know that there are unique characteristics for each breed that appeal to different people. Our farm is unique in that we don't just pick one breed; we welcome all of them! We love to experiment with different breed combinations and offer the results to our fellow beef connoisseurs.

  • *Portions are calculated based on a 4 oz. serving size, but the actual cuts are various weights. All quantities are based on minimum weights. Your order will be more than the listed minimum weight of each package. 

For info on some of the breeds we offer,

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