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Our Beef Kabobs have many uses, but they shine on the grill with a quick sear to medium rare with about any accompinaments, sauces, or rubs you can throw at them. To really level your game up, throw one of our Picanha steaks on the skewer alongside our Kabobs. 


Our Beef Kabobs are cut from the Round of the cow, which is a lean and flavorful muscle, albeit one of the least tender on a cow. To keep them more tender, we don't recommend more than a medium internal temperature or using a long, slow cook method. They are cut to approx. two inch cubes and ready to go on the knife necessary!


We dry age our Beef Kabobs for a minimum of two weeks, package it in convenient one pound vacuum sealed packs, and flash freeze it for optimal freshness. 

Beef Kabobs - On Tap Variety


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