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Thousands of years ago, a caveman harvested a cow and cooked the brisket over an open fire for a few minutes until it was done. It was tough. Really tough.


Some years later, another caveman cooked another brisket over an open fire, but at a lower temperature and for many hours. After the resulting gustatory masterpiece, that caveman was made king of the village and the legend of the brisket was passed down for generations in song and dance.


Though that story is absolutely false (we think), Brisket is actually known for being possibly the most flavorful cut of meat on a cow. It requires a low and slow cook to break down the tough connective tissues that ultimately give it unparalleled flavor. For those willing to undertake the journey, the rewards are worth the wait.


This item is our Whole Packer Briskets, Briskets that comprise the entire pectoral muscle. There are only two of these per cow.


These particular South Poll steers finished wonderfully on our Spring grass, and the beef turned out to be exceptional. Expect an estimated High Choice and Low Prime marbling level (based on Ribeye grading), which is virtually unheard of on 100% grass fed and finished animals, along with a tender bite and robust flavor. It has a beautiful, yellow tinted fat due to the high levels of beta carotene.


Our Briskets are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, individually packaged, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for optimal freshness. 

Beef Brisket - Whole Packer - SP Grass


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