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The Bavette Steak is a "do it all" cut. Though sometimes confused with a skirt steak, this cut is one that shines all on its own. This is the kind of cut that's hard to find outside of Hi Brau Beef, and you'll be hard pressed to locate it at a grocery store or butcher shop. Even though it's unusual here, this cut is popular in both Argentina (called a Vacio Steak) and in France, where the name Bavette comes from. 


The Bavette is a large cut, often over two pounds, and very thick. It can take a marinade, a dry rub, or a brining better than most cuts due to its open grain structure. It can be seared like a steak, braised like a roast, smoked, or reverse seared. Here at Hi Brau, it's our go to cut when we want to feed a crowd and show off what we're known for...a big, robust flavor. 


The Bavette is large like a flank steak, but marbled more like a skirt steak. Though it has average tenderness for a steak, we still recommend cutting across the grain, which is easy to find since it's a coarse grained cut. It hails from the area between the sirloin (thus the flavor) and the skirt steak (thus the tenderness and texture) and fits in the same family of "flat steaks". We don't recommend cooking this cut past medium doneness.


Best of all, it's a great value. Pound for pound, when considering flavor and tenderness, it may very well be the best steak for the money.


If a crowd pleaser, a family feast that can replace a roast, or plenty of delicious leftovers is what you're after, you can't beat a Bavette. 


Our Bavette Steaks are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks, individually packaged, and flash frozen to preserve optimal freshness. Sometimes we slice them into smaller steaks, which will usually be around two pounds, and sometimes we leave them whole for steaks that may be as large as six pounds. 

Bavette Steak - SP Grass

$13.00 Regular Price
$10.40Sale Price

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